Worship Ideas

No One But Our God

A responsive reading on the greatness of God

I Go To The Rock

Participate in an activity and responsive reading that reminds us that Jesus is our rock.

Post It Praise

Participate in an activity of thanksgiving and praise.

Praising In Sorrow

Listen to the music and story behind two great hymns that remind us to praise God even in sorrow.

You Are My God

Given prompts, spend time worshiping in prayer.

A Life Of God-Worship

Read Matthew 6: 25-34 and offer prayers of thanksgiving.

Continuous Praise

Participate in a fun game of praise.

The Lord Is My Shepherd Praise

Participate in an intercessory prayer activity based on Psalm 23.

Praise God For Friendship

Participate in an activity to encourage others and thank God.


Participate in a group praise activity.

He Is My Rest

Contemplate a responsive reading on rest.

A New Year

Read Scripture verses that pertain to the word "new."

I Will Follow You

Reflect on a responsive reading about the heroes of the faith.

God Is In Charge

Read Scriptures about God's sovereignty.

A Lyrical Worship

Focus on song lyrics to guide in worship.

Worship Scavenger Hunt

Use things found on a scavenger hunt to worship God.

Be Still

Reflect on Scripture that reminds us to take time to be still.

Praising With Focus

Spend time praying for different areas of your life.

The Communion Of Believers

Share a reflective time of communion.

We Will Call

Participate in a responsive reading based on Psalm 91.

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