The Communion Of Believers

Share a reflective time of communion.

As a part of your worship, take communion together. Taking the Lord's supper as a group is a beautiful and touching experience. Go into this activity with lots of prayer that your group will be ministered to by the Holy Spirit. (In Acts 2 we read of the early church breaking bread together. We follow their example by meeting in homes to worship, pray and take the Lord's Supper together)

Gather some items beforehand:

  • Pixie cups for the juice (wine is probably not a good idea as it may offend some believers)
  • Grape juice in the cups
  • Loaf of round bread that you can pass and let each person pull off a small piece or crackers broken into pieces.

Read or have someone read the following passages: John 6:26-40 and Luke 22:7-20.

After you have read these passages explain that we take the Lord's Supper in remembrance of what Jesus did for us. We do it to recall his great sacrifice on the cross for the sins of the world. We partake in the bread and the juice in honor of Christ's memory. Explain that this is also a time to confess sins in order to allow ourselves to be in perfect communion with God. (Be sure that everyone knows that they do not have to participate.)

Before passing the bread and juice take a few minutes of silence to allow people to pray their own prayers of confession and/or thanksgiving. Perhaps play some worship music as they pray.

Begin passing the bread around the circle having each person take a piece from the loaf. Ask that they would wait to eat the bread until after you pray together. Pray, or have someone else pray, a short simple prayer of thanks for Jesus and what he did. Pray that we would take the bread as a reminder and that our lives would reflect this awesome sacrifice. Take the bread together.

Then pass the juice and repeat the above instructions.

Have one of your "prayer warrior" group members pray in closing.

Close by singing: "Shout to the Lord," "Lord I Lift Your Name on High," or "As the Deer."

Ambiance ideas: Try some of things to set the mood: Have music playing softly, turn off then lights and just have candles burning, bring a cross to display in the room, have a pitcher and a basin with a towel folded nearby.

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