Worship Ideas

God, the One and Only

Depend on our solid-rock and safe-harbor.

Falling in Love with God

Reflecting on the beautiful attributes of God

To Live with God

A responsive prayer from Psalm 27

Promises Made, Promises Kept

Help group members consider the promises that Jesus has made.

A Rhythm of Prayer and Praise

Set aside a meeting for focused prayer and worship.

Music Appreciation

Listen to a worship song together.

Stones of Remembrance

Thanking God for fighting for us

Fiery Forgiveness

A worship activity on confession and forgiveness

Geographical Prayer

Help group members pray for places they visit

Prayer Wall

This is a daring way to make prayer a priority in your home.

Mosaic of Love

Start the new year off by examining (and displaying) your group's gifts.

A Sinner's Prayer

A responsive reading based on Psalm 51

Tis So Sweet

Lead your group in worship through the story behind a beloved hymn.

Sweetest Name On Earth

Lead your group in worship by focusing on the names and character of Jesus.

Worship Walk

Lead your group in a community prayer walk.

It Is Good To Praise The Lord

Pray one-sentence prayers based on chosen "Praise God" statements.

God In A Box?

Participate in an activity that reminds us that God is all powerful.

Count Your Blessings

Based on the hymn "Count Your Blessings," share how God has blessed you, and pray sentence prayers of thanks.

Stones Of Worship

An object lesson that reminds us to focus on the character of God to strengthen our faith when we have trials or temptations

Moving Prayers

Move through stations that focus on varioius aspects of prayer.

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