Bible Study Extras

Cultivating Love in Our Lives

Leaning on the Spirit to develop us

You Are a Child of God

A Bible study on what it means to be part of the family

Discussing God's Love

A quick study and activity for your next group meeting

Friendship with Jesus

A Bible study to deepen your relationship

The Encouragement Connection

Use a jumper cable to spark conversation about encouragement.

The Ministry of Intercession

Looking at Nehemiah and Epaphras for inspiration

The Simple Life

Taking a long, hard look at our stuff

The Way, the Truth, the Life

A Bible study on these important words

The Thermometer of the Heart

How do we measure spiritual health?

Different Types of Soil

An object lesson for the parable of the soils

The Ministry of Encouragement

A quick character study of Barnabas

The Power of Forgiveness

A quick Bible study on choosing to forgive

The Blood Covers All

An object lesson in God's grace

All the Good News That's Fit to Print

Connecting biblical themes to today's news

Laundry Day

An activity to help your group think about Jesus' cleansing of the church

Re: God

Have your group respond to God's emotional outburst in Hosea 11.

The Day of the Lord

Help your group explore this important concept from Zephaniah 3

Intergenerational Obedience

Have group members write letters of appreciation to those of different ages.

Announcing God's Kingdom

A creative look at four Bible verses proclaiming the Kingdom

God's Word in Later Days

Help your group members think more deeply about obstacles to truth mentioned in the Bible.

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