Bible Study Extras

Advocates of Assurance

Do you encourage and challenge your group to go deeper?

Study Slogans

Take a cue from advertisers during your next group discussion.

Postage Paid

Help your group personalize God's love and concern each week.

Then and Now

Compare and contrast characters in Scripture to our lives today.

Sensing Scripture

Appealing to all five senses will bring another level to your small-group experience.

You Need a Faith Lift

A creative way to introduce the concept of accountability into your group

Psalm Response

Help your group members wrote their own psalms.

To Play or Not To Play

Consider using a drama or role-play to add reality to your group's discussion of a text.

Seeing Is Believing

Movie clips can bring an extra sense of humanity to your small-group discussions.

Journaling to Remember

Setting aside a time for journaling can help your group members internalize what they've learned.

Hands-On Bible Study

Use object lessons to form a powerful connection with a spiritual truth.

Truth and Dare

How to move beyond playing games in your group discussions

Questionable Questions

Learn about good study questions through a few negative examples.

Real Friendship

A quick Bible study on our need for companionship


A quick Bible study on our tendency to judge books by their covers

Tests of Spiritual Maturity

A quick Bible study that addresses the characteristics of a spiritual mature person

Christmas in August

10 suggestions for "out of season" giving

Recognizing Spiritual Freedom

A quick Bible study that helps us appreciate our freedom in Christ

Becoming a Spiritual Apprentice

A brief Bible study covering our need for mature guidance

The Joy of Service

A brief Bible study on the benefits and rewards of service

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