Bible Study Extras

God's Grace and Strength

Use subgroups to help group members explore God's grace in the midst of hardship.

The Fear of the Lord

What does it mean to fear God today?

Guard Your Heart

Examine different situations in light of protecting what's most important.

"First Knight" and Fear

A good movie clip and a good topic for discussion

Truth in a Box

How to pack and unpack the truths of God's Word

Faith of a Friend

A creative look at our need for accountability

Journal for the Journey

Learn why it's so important to record God's blessings in a tangible way.

New Beginnings

Help group members share about new beginnings that have been important in their lives.

Praying Scripture

Help group members adapt their prayer requests around God's Word.

Making an Impact

Help your members identify areas where the lesson has impacted them.

Making It Mine

Use a bowl of M&Ms to help group members physically identify what they hope to receive from God.

Good Advice

A creative way to identify God's good advice for each of us

Vintage Reminders

Encourage your group members to connect experiences with God to physical objects as a memory tool.

A Pair of Dimes

Get your group members thinking about the paradigms inherent in the lesson you are studying.

Guests at Our Banquet

How does your small-group lesson apply to those outside your circle?

A Recipe for Living

A creative way to develop a plan for spiritual transformation

Scriptural Selfishness

Reminder your group members to look to their own hearts before helping others.

Practicing Reality

Use role-play to give your group a concrete experience with Scripture.

Prayer Signs

Use common road signs to provide traffic control for your small group.

Bible-Study Bodybuilding

Take a cue from modern athletes to structure your group for success.

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