Who has impacted you?

Personal Wisdom

What wisdom would you share with yourself?

Family Traditions

Take a look back at your childhood.

Fiction Mirrors Reality

Reflecting on movies and TV shows

Needs and Passions

Group members share about the causes that move them.

Memorable Gifts

A twist on the usual question about gift-giving

Exciting Events

Share about a favorite experience.

Favorite Team

When do you work with others?

Work History

Group members share their more interesting past jobs.

Famous Mentor

Who would you spend a day with?
Easter Reminds Us God Offers New Life

Easter Reminds Us God Offers New Life

Post-Easter icebreaker--reflect on the new life God has given you this past year.

Talking About Race

When discussing race feels overwhelming, start by reflecting on your experiences and sharing your story.

Gifts That Don't Fit

Sometimes our help isn't all that helpful.

Not-Quite-Right Gifts

When have you received an "off" gift?

Teaching on Tithing

What have you learned about giving?

Experiencing God Through Others

Discuss how you've been blessed.

Cell Phone Distractions

How do our phones distract us?

Map Your Journey

Share your spiritual history.

Life Mentors

Who has shaped you?

Images of God

Share how your view of God has changed over time.

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