A Foot Easily Swayed

A simple, fun activity on standing against compromise

Who Has Been Generous to You?

Share stories of generosity.

Life Verse

Learn about group members through their favorite verses.

Dress Up

Connecting clothing to putting on the new self

Squeezed and Torn

Help group members recognize their level of stress.

Let's Get Salty

An icebreaker activity to explore Matthew 5:13

Justice, Mercy, and Grace

An icebreaker to illustrate these three common biblical terms

Puzzle Time

Exploring the benefits of group work

Easier Said than Done

Realizing there must be a correlation between words and actions

1,000 Words

Improving communication skills with tangrams

The Snowman

Working together to build an indoor snowman

Follow Instructions

An activity to get your group members moving and laughing

Seems Like Forever

Discovering our response to silence

Listen, Please!

An activity to show why we have difficulty listening for God's voice

Common Ground

You have more in common than you think.

Physical Limitations

Simple small-group tasks made difficult

Attributes of God

Brainstorm attributes of God and back them up with Scripture.

Origami Challenge

A fun activity to help group members see how they deal with personal limitations

The Reality of Sin

Use a dartboard to talk about sin.

Draw in the Dark

A fun way of learning to value appreciation

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