Squeezed and Torn

Help group members recognize their level of stress.

Supplies Needed:

A piece of paper for each group member


Give each person a sheet of paper. Tell group members to think about the stressors in their lives. Ask them to them smash, crumple, twist, squeeze, or step on their paper to show how stressed they are. After everyone has finished, ask the following questions.

Unpacking Questions:

  1. Show us your sheet of paper and tell us about the stressors you identified. How does the damage to your paper reflect your level of stress?
  2. What are some of the reasons we experience stress?
  3. How does stress affect us?
  4. What counsel is offered regarding stress in Philippians 4:6-7?
  5. How easy or difficult is it for you to apply that counsel? Why?
  6. How might we help one another apply this counsel?

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