Physical Limitations

Simple small-group tasks made difficult

Materials: tape, earmuffs, safety glasses, honey, and other props to simulate physical disabilities

Activity: Assign each group member a physical disability and materials to simulate the disability. Think creatively about how to simulate different disabilities. You could tape finger joints to mimic arthritis, provide earmuffs to decrease hearing, or smear safety glasses with honey to impair sight. Then ask group members to complete three simple small-group tasks:

  1. Open your Bible to Matthew 15:30 and read it aloud.
  2. Serve the snack to another group member.
  3. Ask another group member for his or her prayer request and write it down.

Debriefing questions:

  1. What task was the most difficult for you to complete? Why?
  2. How did trying to complete the tasks make you feel? Did you show any frustration?
  3. How could someone have helped you complete the tasks more effectively?
  4. How can we become more sensitive to those who have physical disabilities?

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