A Construction Contest

This is a fun game with that makes a great bridge into meaningful discussion.

Purpose: To get people thinking about the importance of a foundation.

Activity: Before starting this activity, you'll need to gather a large supply of building materials. These could be actual blocks or Legos, or you could just use pillows and shoes and other items lying around the house. When the members of your group or class arrive, arrange them into separate teams of four to five people.

The goal of this activity is for each team to build a structure using the materials you provide. It can be any kind of structure the team chooses—the only rules are that it must be resting on the floor, and it must be free-standing (nothing holding it up). The team with the tallest structure after five minutes of building will be declared the winner.

[Q] Have everyone examine the winning structure. What was the key to the winning team's success?

[Q] Was there anything different about the wining structure that allowed it to go higher?

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