Let members speak without saying a word.

A Night at the Movies

Spend some time showing the group's favorite movie clips.

Enlightening Advice

An opportunity for group members to share their favorite pieces of advice.

Communicating Care

How do you show love to people?

Pass the Pacifier

Where does your security come from?

TV and Me

What television show currently describes your life?

Facts and a Flame

Give as many personal facts as you can before a match burns down.

Questions Away

Group members write down questions they would like to ask each other.

A Visitor from History

A discussion question on historical figures

A Bead Necklace and a Cross

Take turns sharing what you worry about and hope for.

Four Fun Icebreakers

These easy questions will get everyone talking.

Roll the Dice

Answer a question based on the number you roll.

M&M Sharing

A fun way to share candy and interesting facts about yourself

Pictures of God

How did you view God as a child?

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