Favorite Team

When do you work with others?

What’s your favorite group or team you’ve ever been a part of, and why?

Leader note: This is a great question to use for communicating the importance and power of community and how God designed us to experience life together, connected to other people. It’s a great question to use with a brand-new group at the first meeting, or any time you’re discussing spiritual community and connectedness. Give group members examples of groups or teams if needed: school band, school choir, theater group, sports team, study group at college, fraternity or sorority, military unit, group projects at work, etc.

In the “why” part of the question, you can help people discover from their own answers what it is that makes groups so impactful (e.g., shared sense of purpose, feeling like everyone has your back, seeing various gifts work together well) and then connect that to how small groups were designed by God.

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