God In A Box?

Participate in an activity that reminds us that God is all powerful.

Leader: So often we put God in a box. Sometimes we are afraid to ask God for big things because he might say "no" and then we would be disappointed again. Sometimes we do not feel worthy of God's favor. Sometimes we do not even know what to ask of God.

This exercise is designed to get people talking about God's amazing power and that He is the God of the impossible. We should not box Him in by our limited faith or knowledge of His goodness and desire to move in our lives.

1. Take a small box (a shoe box would work) and put it in the middle of your small group circle.

2. Give everyone 3 small pieces of paper, and instruct them to write, "God can … " Have them complete that sentence.

3. Have them place these slips of paper in the box.

4. Ask your group, "Have you ever put God in a box?" Then ask, "Why do we so often put God in a box?"

5. Pass the box and have the first person pull out one of the slips of paper and read what God can do. Pass the box to the next person and have them pull out a slip, read it, and pass the box until all of the slips of paper have been read.

6. Follow up by sharing a few passages of scripture:  Genesis 18:14; Luke 1:37; Jeremiah 32:17

7. Take a moment and glue all those slips of paper to the outside of the box as a visual reminder that we must take God out of the box and trust that He can do all things!  Nothing is impossible with God.

8. In closing, praise God for all that He can do!

9. Leave that box in sight for several weeks. Take a moment each week to let everyone write another, "God can … " statement and glue it to the box. Allow a few minutes for people to talk about the mighty things God has been doing in their lives.

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