My Sister's Keeper
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My Sister's Keeper

Through a heartbreaking portrayal of a teenager’s lifelong battle with leukemia and its effects on her family, My Sister’s Keeper explores human responses to suffering and death.

Some people are afraid of spiders, others of heights, but there is one word that inspires fear in the hearts of everyone: “cancer.” And it is hard to imagine anything worse than cancer in the body of a child we love. My Sister’s Keeper asks us to imagine exactly that, depicting in shattering detail one girl’s battle with leukemia and its ravages not only on her body but also on the family members who love her. It’s tough viewing, but it’s leavened by the warmth of familial love and the humor that creeps in even (or maybe especially) when life is on the line.

This study will help you explore some of the themes introduced in the movie, including the conflicted ideas we tend to have about suffering and death. Examining these darker questions in the light of Scripture will benefit anyone grappling with the fragility and mystery of human life.

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