Music Appreciation

Listen to a worship song together.


Ability to play a worship song (CD and player, music player on computer, etc.), copies of the song's lyrics


Choose a worship song for your group to listen to. You may want to choose one that relates to the topic or mood of your group meeting. Use a website to find the lyrics to the song. (Simply search the song title and the word lyrics in your search engine.) Print the lyrics out and make copies for your group members.

(Need some ideas for a song? Choose one from our free worship playlist.)


Pass out the lyrics for the song. Then play it. Ask group members to simply listen. When the song ends, use the debriefing questions.

Debriefing questions:

What do you feel as you listen to this song?
What is the message of the song?
How do the instruments reinforce or complement the message?
How does the pace of the song match the message of the song?
Are there other songs or Scripture that convey the message?
When in your daily routine would it be helpful to reflect on this song?

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