Stones Of Worship

An object lesson that reminds us to focus on the character of God to strengthen our faith when we have trials or temptations

Leader:  Have several different people help you read I Samuel 17:1-51. Ask your group to discuss the reasons for David's success in fighting Goliath. Your discussion should eventually include the idea that David focused more on God, what He had done in the past, and what He could do in the future, rather than on what Goliath thought he could do.

Take a moment to list the truths about who God is and what He does. For example, "God is good … all the time. He cares for me. He watches me. He strengthens me. He sees my heart. He prepares me. He protects me. He loves, He brings joy, and He forgives.

Hand out 5 smooth stones to each person in the group.

Say something like: David picked up 5 stones to fight his Goliath. What stones of belief in God do you need to "pick up" and carry with you in order to defeat your Goliaths?  Is it the stone of God's care, His protection, His preparation, His compassion, etc.?

Write one word for each stone.

After everyone has had time to write on their stones, ask each group member to pray this prayer, inserting what they wrote on their stones:  Lord, I want to praise you for ___________________. When I face my giants, I will look at you and I will praise you. Amen

Encourage your group members to take their stones and put them in a place of prominence. The next time a Goliath threatens or taunts, tell them pick up the rocks and focus on God. When they turn their faces to God, their Goliaths will fall.

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