Worship Ideas

Letter Praise

Use the letters of the alphabet to guide a prayer time.

Broken Praise

Using shards of pottery as an object lesson, reflect on God's sovereignty in our brokeness.

Holy Is The Lord God Almighty

Lead a discussion and prayer time based on Revelation 4.

His Love Endures Forever

Write a psalm of praise.

The Great I Am

Responsive reading based on Exodus 3:10-14

Prayers Of Praise

Read and pray psalms of praise, and write one of your own.

My Treasure

Participate in an activity that encourages thankfulness instead of materialism.

In Light Of The Cross

Partcipate in a symbolic activity that focuses on the cross.

With Great Love

Participate in an activity that reminds us that we worship God by loving others.

One Solitary Life

Lead your group in Christmas worship.

The Most Important Thing

Contemplate the actions of love.

We Stand In Hope

Read through Scripture passages that focus on hope in the face of tragedy.

Appreciate Silence

Spend time in quiet Scripture reading.

Our God Is Close

Reflect on the nearness of God.

Praise God For Those We Love

Participate in an activity that contemplates the joy of friendship and the attributes of God.

Life's Small Pleasures

Reflect on the small delights of life.

It's A Line Up

Participate in a sharing activity.

A Psalm Of Sacrifice

Read Scriptures about living a life of sacrifice.

I Praise You Because . . .

Read and reflect on phrases of praise.

Live Like You Were Dying

Participate in a discussion based on aTim McGraw song and a passage from "The Message."

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