Promises Made, Promises Kept

Help group members consider the promises that Jesus has made.

One of the marks of a deep friendship is that we keep our promises. Jesus has promised us many things, and he keeps every one. This activity will help your group members reflect upon the promises Jesus has made.

Prior to the meeting, print out copies of the entire chapter of John 14. You may want to select a more contemporary version, such as the New Living Translation or The Message.

Read the chapter aloud together as a group. You can all read it in unison or take turns, having each person read a section. Ask group members to listen for promises in the text. Encourage them to underline or make notes as you read.

When you've read it through, ask group members to name some of the promises from the text. For example, Jesus promises to prepare a place in heaven for us, Jesus promises us the Holy Spirit, etc. Then, spend some time praying one sentence prayers out loud, thanking him for these promises. For example, one person might say, "Thank you that you don't leave us orphaned" (v. 18), another might add, "Thanks for promising to love me" (v. 21).

Close your time by praying: "Jesus, thank you for being a friend who keeps your promises. Amen."

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