Moving Prayers

Move through stations that focus on varioius aspects of prayer.

Prep Ahead

1. Write or type the following directions on 8 1/2 by 11 pieces of paper.Write them as large as possible.

  • Thank God.
  • Ask God for wisdom.
  • Who needs Jesus?
  • Cup your hands and ask God for what you need.
  • Lift your face and praise God for who He is.
  • Take a stone to symbolize something that is of concern to you. After you have prayed about it, move the stone to the foot of the cross.
  • Light a candle for someone who is suffering.
  • Confess a sin and white out a small part of the word "sin".
  • Pray for your family.
  • Pray this phrase over and over, "Lord I love you and give you my life."
  • Ask the Lord, "Who should I love in Your name?".

2. Buy or gather the following items and place them beside the paper that calls for them.

  • Enough tea candles for every person in your group (You may want to have several extras.)
  • A lighter or matches
  • Enough stones for every person in your group
  • A cross of some kind - It can even be a picture of a cross or a small wooden cross.
  • A piece of paper (or poster board) with the word SIN written on it.
  • Whiteout

3. Have instrumental music to play softly as people move from prayer to prayer.

4. You can do this activity in a relatively small area. If you are in a home, consider putting different "stations" in different areas of the house.For example, set up one in the kitchen, one in the dining room, one in the entry way, several in the living room, and one in the hallway.

5. Be prepared to spend about 20 minutes on this prayer exercise, perhaps more depending on the size of your group and how they seem to be responding.

6. Give these instructions:  We are going to pray tonight on the move. I am going to ask you to find a paper on the floor in various areas of the house (or room). I want you to read the instructions and follow them. When you hear the music, stop and move to a new paper. We will only spend about 2 minutes in each place.

7. When everyone has had an opportunity to visit each prayer station, stop the music and pray a simple ending prayer.

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