Sweetest Name On Earth

Lead your group in worship by focusing on the names and character of Jesus.

Leader: Ask your group to speak about what comes to their minds when you mention a certain title. For example: You (leader) say, "Mom," and your group responds in popcorn style saying, "nurture, laughter, compassionate, disciplinarian, etc.

Once you have exhausted one title, move through the list. You will end with Jesus. After the group has shared, have several people help you read the following writing about Jesus.

List of names:  Mom, Dad, sister, brother, grandparents, teacher, policeman, doctor, coach, pastor, friend, Jesus.

The Sweetest Name on Earth

Jesus … the sweetest name on earth. It's not just the sweetest name on earth, but the most commanding, challenging, and life-changing name on earth.

There is no name that moves us like the name of Jesus.

Jesus … He is the bread of life to a starving world.

Jesus … He is the light in the murky darkness of disappointment.

Jesus … He is the lamb, freely offered on the altar of love.

Jesus … He is the hope to the despairing.

Ah, Jesus … the sweetest name on earth.

Jesus … He is the lion, mighty and defending.

Jesus … He is the Messiah, the one we each long for.

Jesus … He is the teacher, shaping soft hearts and sharp minds.

Jesus … He is the way for those detoured by guilt and shame.

Jesus … there is a name I love to hear

Jesus … He is the truth to questions of the heart.

Jesus … He is the life to those caught in a deadly trap of destruction.

Jesus … He is the Creator, carefully crafting our character.

Jesus … He is the only One even though a million voices vie for our allegiance.

Jesus … I love to sing His worth

Jesus … He is the advocate, a voice in our defense.

Jesus … He is Author of Life, penning a perfect and often unpredictable plot.

Jesus … He is the Chief Cornerstone on whom a rich life is built.

Jesus … He is the Good Shepherd who tends to the most basic of our needs.

Jesus … it sounds like music in my ear

Jesus … He is the Beginning and the End.

Jesus … He is the High Priest, inviting us to the throne room.

Jesus … He is Immanuel, God among us, touching us, loving us, healing us. Jesus … He is our Amen, So be it, As it is. And, it is finished!

Jesus … the sweetest name on earth

Oh how I love Jesus, and we lift him up tonight. For nowhere in all the earth is there one like Him.

We praise you Jesus. We love you Jesus. You are worthy.O Lord, Jesus, you are high and lifted up.

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