Participate in a group praise activity.

Some words were coined for use only by the children of God, and such is the word, "hallelujah"!

Actually, the word is Hebrew, a compound of two words "hallal" and "jah". The first word, "hallal", means "to praise", and the word "jah" is the word for God, the same word which gives us the word Jehovah.

Simply put, the word means "praise be to God" or "praise the Lord". This was the same word which captured the attention of George Frederick Handel, who wrote The Messiah. "And He shall reign forever and ever", wrote Handel, with the words crescendoing "Hallelujah, hallelujah". It is no wonder that Handel, who had barricaded himself into his room and practically neither ate nor slept as he wrote, later told a friend, "It seemed as if heaven came down and filled my soul."

It is understandable that the world does not grasp the meaning nor significance of the word "hallelujah", for only those who have been redeemed can praise God for what He has done in bringing salvation to mankind.
—author unknown

  1. After reading the above passage, hand two pieces of small paper to each person in your group.
  2. Ask them to write one personal praise on each piece of paper.
  3. Collect the papers and put them in a bowl, a hat or paper bag.
  4. Take turns drawing out the praises, one at a time. After each person reads a praise, encourage the group to say "Hallelujah!" in unison. This is a fun way to praise God but also teaches us to give praise always for what God is doing in our lives and the lives of others.

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