Continuous Praise

Participate in a fun game of praise.

Praise is not a one time event, a weekly event, or an event that occurs in a particular place. Instead, praise and worship becomes a way of life and should happen spontaneously in our lives. To model this value for your group members use this exercise.

1. Buy a set of 12-15 balls. These balls can be racquetballs, tennis balls, volley balls, even golf balls.

2. Write, with a permanent marker, on each ball one of the following phrases of worship:

We praise you Lord
We love you Lord
God is love
God is good all the time
You are awesome.
You are mighty
You move mountains
We worship You Lord
We bow our hearts before You
Thank You Lord
We trust You Lord
We will honor You Lord
God is worthy of our love
We will obey
Your will is our way

3. Begin your worship with a simple song and a prayer of thanksgiving. Toss out the ball that reads, "God is good all the time." Have the person who caught the ball read his praise.

4. Explain to the group that you are going to continue throwing out balls of praise throughout the group time. Whenever a new ball is thrown and caught the person reads their praise.

5. After the new person reads their phrase, have the person who caught the ball previously read theirs, and then the person previous to them, etc. With each new ball everyone who has received a ball will repeat their praise again.

6. As the leader, join in on the phrase "God is good all the time," after that person says "God is good … " and you say "all the time." The whole group will join you eventually and it is a phrase of praise and affirmation that your group members will be sure to remember for days to come.

7. Remember to throw the balls at different places in the group meeting: after prayer, after someone shares something meaningful, etc.

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