You Are My God

Given prompts, spend time worshiping in prayer.

Write the following incomplete phrases on small pieces of paper (one phrase per paper). If you have a big group you may need to use the phrases more than once or write more of your own. Put them in a hat or bowl and pass it to each person. Have each person take one. Encourage your group to complete their phrase and then ask them (but always allow a person to pass) to pray their phrase.

I love you Lord because…
I need you Lord because…
I praise you Lord because…
I obey you Lord because…
I thank you Lord because…
I hope in you Lord because…
I trust in you Lord because…
I find joy in you Lord because…
I find peace in you Lord because…

IN CLOSING: Leader, after everyone has prayed their praise pray something like:

"Father God, these are reasons you are our God. You have promised us that no matter how deep the stain of our sins, you can remove it. You can make us as clean as freshly fallen snow. Even if we are stained as red as crimson, you can make us as white as wool. We know that our obedience counts, and so we obey. We trust that you will help us and that there will always be enough to sustain us. Lord, many are the reasons we serve you, love you, thank you, need you and find our joy in you. We praise you and give you thanks." Amen

–taken from Isaiah 1:18-20

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