Build a TeamBuild a Team
Recruiting Leaders Without a Church-Wide Campaign
Strategies for identifying and inviting people to lead a small group
What to Look for in New Leaders
Understanding biblical character traits—and standards—to identify new leaders for small groups.
Effectively Manage Group Conflict
Conflict can be the fuel your team (or group) needs to maximize its impact.
Build Your Team
Identify the key roles your small-group ministry team needs.
Promoting Partnership and Teamwork in Small-Group Ministry
The importance of sharing as a leadership trait.
Develop Your Team in Four Ways
Thriving teams learn, play, meet, and grow together.
8 Leadership Books You Can Use
Top recommendations to use on your own or with a team
Develop Your Ministry Team
Practical tips for developing your team—both as individuals and as one cohesive unit
8 Tips to Improve Communication Between Pastors and Small-Group Directors
It takes effort on both sides of the relationship.
Build a Small-Group Ministry Team
Figure out what you need and recruit the right people.
Organize Your Small-Group Ministry
The right structure will allow your ministry to thrive and grow.
Clearing the Way for Small Groups
How small groups became the central ministry at Zion Church
How to Lead People Older Than You
Three tips for setting up a great relationship
Recruit Great Coaches
The essential qualities to look for in potential coaches
Four Qualities All Small-Group Coaches Need
What to look for in potential coaches for your ministry
Four Tips for Effective Delegation
Save your sanity and strengthen your ministry by delegating well.
Guía de Orientación: Líder de Grupo Pequeño
Un resumen general de los básico de liderazgo de grupos pequeños.
Plan a One-Day Retreat for Leaders
Leaders need a break to re-focus and refresh.
What You Can Do to Develop More Women Small-Group Pastors
Despite a plethora of female group leaders, few small-group pastors are women.
Maximize Your Time for a Thriving Small-Group Ministry
Learn how to do more with less time.
Starting Over from Scratch
How we relaunched our small-group ministry
Find the Right Leaders for the Right Spots
How to identify, recruit, and place a variety of leaders
Who's on Your Personal Board of Directors?
Find the right people to help you serve effectively in your sweet spot.
Discover Your Leadership Style
Learn how to leverage your strengths.
Set Leaders Free
What it takes to let leaders lead
Small-Group Ministry Resolutions
Start the new year with a new focus.
Top 10 Resources of 2013
The only list that combines Francis Chan, marketing, mental illness, and simplicity
Why Should I Lead a Small Group?
The challenges and benefits of this tough job.
Leading Change
Gain true buy-in
Life-on-Life Discipleship
Intentionally investing in others
Information, Imagination, Inspiration
Indispensable elements for training small-group leaders
Small-Group Director Orientation Guide
Resources for the person leading the small-group ministry
The Nuts and Bolts of Small-Group Coaching
Choosing coaches and growing a coaching structure.
Giving Leaders Feedback
Six key questions for an important conversation
Recruiting Reluctant Small-Group Leaders
Expert advice on a difficult (but rewarding) job
Why Leaders Don't Share Leadership
And why they should.
Resource Review: Connecting in Communities
Eddie Mosley's new book is a welcome tool for pastors and church leaders.
No More Training Events!
Because you really don't need that many.
The Value of Relational Intelligence
A new way for leaders to understand the people around them
Leading Solo No More (part 2)
How to develop a core team of leaders from your existing small group
Leading Solo No More (part 1)
How to develop a core team of leaders from your existing small group
Mentor: Orientation Guide
Help your church's mentors form clear expectations for their relationships.
Small-Group Apprentice Orientation Guide
Basic training for new and potential small-group apprentices
Small Groups Snapshot: Restore Community Church
When a passion for small groups and discipleship meets a new church plant
The Friends of a Group Leader
Three different kinds of people you need in your life.
Best Church Practices: Small-Group Job Descriptions
Save yourself some time by modifying these job descriptions for small-group roles.
Recruiting New Small-Group Leaders
Find the right people to lead your groups.
Gearing Up for Small Groups
Practical tips for recruiting leaders and launching groups
Small-Group Leader Orientation Guide
A helpful overview of the basics of small-group leadership
Developing Mission Communities
Develop small groups that will support each other and go together into serving the world.
Nine Ways to Support Your Support Group
Support groups are an essential part of your church's ministry in a world full of hurt.
The Group that Serves Together Grows Together
Five ways to help task-oriented groups thrive.
Making Room at Your Tables
Encouraging people to start new small groups is a key to getting everyone connected.
Evangelism Explosion
Challenging people to host small groups can turn into an evagelistic opportunity.

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