Small-Group Apprentice Orientation Guide

Small-Group Apprentice Orientation Guide

Basic training for new and potential small-group apprentices

It's sometimes strange for people in a modern, Western society to realize that apprenticeship has been the primary method of job training throughout human history. That's because apprenticeship works. Having the opportunity to "learn as you go" gives apprentices a decided advantage when it comes time for them to step out on their own. And that's what many churches and group leaders are re-discovering today when it comes to small groups.

This Orientation Guide has been designed to equip new and potential small-group apprentices with the resources they need to understand their role in a group, and to perform that role well.

Prepare for Your Role

How to Use This Resource

Job Description: Small-Group Apprentice
Here are the basic ministry areas and expectations of a small-group apprentice.
By Sam O'Neal

Interview with Experienced Small-Group Apprentices
Use this helpful chart to determine which person does what.
Interview conducted by Rachel Gilmore

Help—I'm an Apprentice!
Here are some key thought points as you begin your new role.
By Rick Lowry

What Leaders Do; What Apprentices Do
Use this helpful chart to determine which person does what.
By Pat J. Sikora

Perform Your Role

A Small-Group Leader's Most Important Job
You can benefit from the surprising results of extensive research on small groups.
By Jim Egli

Your Open Home
The main principles and challenges of small-group hospitality
By Linda McCullough-Moore

How to Write Effective Bible Study Questions
Make sure your questions fit these four criteria.
By Terry Powell

The Basics of Leading Group Prayer
Helpful keys for apprentices and veteran group leaders alike.
By Andrew Wheeler

Engaging Conflict in Small Groups
A look at the deeper issues underlying personality clashes
By Mark Bonham

Counseling with Compassion and Competence
Learn what to do (and what not to do) when supporting grieving group members.
By Kathy Collard-Miller

Further Exploration
Websites and books to help you grow into your role as an apprentice

Total number of pages - 26

You have permission to make up to 1,000 copies of this resource for distribution within your local church or educational institution.

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