Recruiting Leaders Without a Church-Wide Campaign

Recruiting Leaders Without a Church-Wide Campaign

Strategies for identifying and inviting people to lead a small group

Success of a small-group ministry is determined by the qualified pool of potential small-group leaders available. Creating this pool of potentials can be daunting and seem impossible without having a large scale campaign. With patience, a set of guidelines, a keen eye, and creativity; you will discover new leaders are among you—they are just waiting to be asked. This resource provides strategies for identifying and inviting people to lead a small-group without launching a campaign.

For a sample from this training tool, read "What to Look for in New Leaders."

Qualities of a Leader

What to Look for in New Leaders
Understanding biblical character traits—and standards—to identify new leaders for small groups.
Andrew Wheeler

Identify Leader in Groups
Questions to ask that'll help you find the natural leaders
Steven Reames

Recruiting New Leaders
Who, what, and where to look for as you grow your small-group ministry.
Carter Moss

Fishing for True Small-Group Leaders
Here's what it takes to reel in the kind of leader you really want.
Tom Bandy

Making the Ask

Guess What I See in You?
Your encouragement and offering to develop someone's unique leadership potential can make all the difference—for them, and for the church.
Stef Coleman

Recruiting and Keeping Teachers
Recruiting is the holy act of helping others discover their leadership gifts.
B Roberta Hastenes

Finding New Small-Group Leaders
Does the search for Small-Group Leaders ever end?
John Atkinson

Encouraging Leadership Growth
Modifying your own leadership style to develop future small-group leaders.
Randall Neighbour

Resources for Further Exploration

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