Maximize Your Time for a Thriving Small-Group Ministry
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Maximize Your Time for a Thriving Small-Group Ministry

Learn how to do more with less time.

Small-group pastor, we know you're busy. You have a million things on your plate, and you never feel like there's enough time to do it all. You may even be a volunteer leader, or just part-time. Whether you're called the small-group pastor, director, coordinator, or champion, we want you to know that we're thankful for what you do.

Leader's Guide

16 Apps to Be a More Productive Small-Group Pastor
Tools to help you track, communicate, focus, and schedule
By Tony Hill

10 Tips for Organizing for Greater Productivity
Find an organizational system that works for you.
By Amy Jackson

One Structure Change to See the Full Potential of Your Leaders
Coaching makes everyone more productive.
By Bill Search

Empower Leaders to Fulfill Their Role
Let leaders lead—and get back to the tasks only you can do.
By Trevor Lee

God's Countercultural Plan for Productivity
How doing less helps us do more
By Seth Widner


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