Coaching BasicsCoaching Basics
Recruit Great Coaches
Recruit Great Coaches
The essential qualities to look for in potential coaches
Four Qualities All Small-Group Coaches Need
Four Qualities All Small-Group Coaches Need
What to look for in potential coaches for your ministry
Healthy Ministries Provide Ongoing Training
Healthy Ministries Provide Ongoing Training
Your leaders need more than just start-up training.
Empower Small-Group Leaders
Empower Small-Group Leaders
Release your leaders to lead without micromanaging or giving total freedom.
Set Leaders Free
Set Leaders Free
What it takes to let leaders lead
Keep Your Promise to Pray
Keep Your Promise to Pray
A model for praying effectively for your small-group leaders
Resolving Small-Group Conflict
Resolving Small-Group Conflict
What I've learned from my mistakes
Effectively Confront Leaders
Effectively Confront Leaders
Learn how to address issues in a healthy, biblical way.
Group Dynamics
Group Dynamics
A collection of resources that can help you better understand group dynamics
How to Serve Your Small-Group Leaders
How to Serve Your Small-Group Leaders
Five things they need from you
Weekly Communication Is Crucial
Weekly Communication Is Crucial
What I've learned about weekly communication with leaders
Effectively Coach Your Leaders
Effectively Coach Your Leaders
Everything you need to be a great coach
The Nuts and Bolts of Small-Group Coaching
The Nuts and Bolts of Small-Group Coaching
Choosing coaches and growing a coaching structure.
Mentor: Orientation Guide
Mentor: Orientation Guide
Help your church's mentors form clear expectations for their relationships.
Small-Group Coach Orientation Guide
Small-Group Coach Orientation Guide
Helpful articles and forms that equip coaches to perform their role well
The Proper Care and Feeding of Group Leaders
Be proactive, make them a priority, and stress the importance of confidentiality.
Coaching Small-Group Leaders
Coaching Small-Group Leaders
Practical advice for those who train, support, and encourage small-group leaders
Teaching That Transforms
What makes Christian education distinct from its secular counterpart?
The Five Stages of Coaching Relationships
Learn what to expect, and how to react, as a small-group coach.
Key Components of a Leaders' Retreat
Here are 10 ways to make the most of your time together.
Leading Volunteers
Here are some things to keep in mind when money isn't a factor.
Accountability in Small Groups
Learn about accountability from the early Methodists.
Asking Questions Like The Master Teacher
Use well thought out questions to make a lasting impact.
Staying Focused and Flexible with Small Group Coaching Templates
Some simple and memorable outlines that help guide a coaching conversation.
The Fine Art of Coaching Small-Group Leaders
There are at least three critical tasks good coaches master.
A Game Plan for Coaching Small-Group Leaders
A framework of topics and questions to help guide you towards victorious coaching.
Moving to a Staff Coaching Model
For our church, lay coaching just didn't work.
Leadership Support – Keeping it Simple
If our churches are going to be healthy, then we have got to have healthy leaders.
To Coach with Love
One Small-Group Leader shares her needs with her coach.
Evangelism by Example
How one person learned that sharing his faith was about relationships.
Opening Gifts Isn't Just for Kids
Get everyone in your group using their gifts.
Five Habits of Effective Small Group Coaches
Coaching can be boiled down to the word itself.
No Time. No Resources. No Leaders.
These obstacles don't have to stop you from doing something big.
Planning for the Future
Identifying the key roles in your group ensures its long-term health.
Evangelism Fright
How one woman was challenged to share her faith.
Breaking Through Intellectual Barriers
A small group's love for two skeptics leads them to Christ.
From Soloist to Choir
Getting more people involved in leadership gives greater ownership.
Three Ways To Get Small Groups Going
Learn how to lead in a way that sets your small groups up for success.
The Authentic And Patient Leader
Focusing on a couple qualities can make you a better leader.
Great Youth Small-Group Leaders
Are Small-Group Leaders born that way, or coached that way?
The Expendable Leader
You can double your contribution by taking steps to assure that the work you are doing continues after your service ends.
Mentor Your Coaches
Focus on relationship, growth, and development with your coaches.
Small Group Lessons Based On The Pastor's Sunday Sermon
One way to relieve tension and provide quality control is to give the Small-Group Leader a well-designed lesson based on the pastor’s sermon.
Small-Group Leadership Mentoring
What is shepherding, really?
Building a Great Coaching System
When you build the people, the people build the ministry.
Creating a Dynamic Coaching Strategy
Every dynamic team has a coach with a dynamic coaching strategy.
Coaching in Action
A small group coaching strategy that's working.
Friendship: The Simple Secret of Coaching
The principle behind effective coaching is simple: be a friend.
Successful Coaching
It's as simple as the word COACH
Confessions of a Coach
I thought I knew all about coaching, but I had some misunderstandings.
Coaching Tools
A sample minimal coaching plan, coaching check-up, and coaching appointment checklist
The Leadership Development Process
A chart that shows the development process of Small-Group Leaders
Coaching that Works
A good coaching system can mean the difference between success and failure in your small groups.
Building Groups or Making Disciples? Part 2
Models for intentional discipleship in a small groups church, focusing on open groups combined with elective classes or seminars.
What is Discipleship? (and Why Is It Important?)
Discipleship brings a living incarnation of Christ closer to the younger Christian for them to examine.
What Is a Disciple?
If God's church is to multiply the way he intended, it must get serious about discipleship.
Learning to Disciple People
Four primary steps towards discipling others.
Discipleship in the Local Church
What does discipleship look like in the local church?
What Paul Would Say
The top 10 things the apostle Paul would say.
How to Develop an Apprentice
Ten steps for training and preparing an apprentice to lead.
Developing Your Apprentice
An easy guide to selecting, training, and sending apprentices in your church.
Don’t do it all yourself—here's how to delegate the work.
Evaluation for Small-Group Leaders
We can only become a better and stronger church as our cell leaders increase their abilities to shepherd.

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