Evangelism by Example

How one person learned that sharing his faith was about relationships.

Trevor grew up in a Christian home, attending church every Sunday. He knew the gospel, and he believed it. But when it came to sharing his faith with others, he never really gave it much thought. In his mind, explaining the gospel to someone who wasn't a believer was something only "super spiritual" people did.

When Trevor arrived at college, he met guys who were really serious about their relationship with God. They were committed to studying the Bible, praying, and sharing their beliefs with others. When Trevor joined a small group with some of them, he was challenged by their genuine love for God and the way it showed in their lifestyles.

The more time he spent with them, the more impressed he became with their desire to share the gospel with others--and the more he began to think about why he didn't share their passion. If I believe what I say, he thought, that means there are people I know who are going to Hell. Shouldn't I feel more of an urgency to share the truth with them?

While Trevor still worried about how he would explain the gospel to someone, he decided to at least pray about it. "God," he said, "if you want me to do this, increase my desire and show me how to do it."

The very next afternoon, Trevor was hanging out in his dorm room when his small group leader knocked on his door.

"Hey Trevor," said Brandon, "There are a couple of guys down the hall I've been spending time with, and I think they're ready to have a conversation about the gospel. Do you want to come with me? You don't have to say anything if you don't want to. You can just listen."

Trevor spent the rest of the afternoon with Brandon, who mostly answered ...

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