Open to the Talent Within

What one senior pastor from a small-sized church learned as he prayed for his small-group ministry to flourish.

The Best Ways to Sustain Your New Small Groups--Part 2

Keep groups going after the 40 days of purpose.

Growing in Grace Together

A case study on Grace Community Church's small group program

Campaign Driven Growth

A case study on a church's small group campaign growth, and the lessons they learned.

A Church of “Free Market” Small Groups

A case study from Lakeview Christian Center's transition toward becoming a church of small groups

More than Just Bible Knowledge?

When our church grew almost overnight, we needed a plan to disciple our new, "milk-only" members.

Undaunted Courage

A case study of Park Street Church, which launched small groups and transitioned—and grew—from a congregation of primarily older people to mostly 20-somethings.

Evolving Community Groups

A case study of Central Peninsula Church, which began as a house church, tracking its growth and lessons learned.

Getting from A to C

A case study of the Coffee Shop Connection, a small group outreach for people seeking God who are skeptical about traditional venues like the local Christian church.

The Story of a Relationship-based Church

A case study of Harvest, a relationship-based church.

Getting into the FLOW of Small Groups

A case study of a Midwestern church that, as it grew, was looking for a way that could make the church smaller as it became larger.

Evangelism by Example

How one person learned that sharing his faith was about relationships.

The Best Ways to Sustain Your New Small Groups--Part 1

Keep groups going after the 40 days of purpose.

Opening Gifts Isn't Just for Kids

Get everyone in your group using their gifts.

Global Positioning of the Soul

Help individuals find the intersection of finite and infinite in such a way as to make sense of their current situation and take courage for the future.

After the Campaign

Four keys to thriving after a small groups campaign.

Old But Not Worthless

An elderly woman embraces the call to minister to others in her nursing home.

Wobbly Spirituality

Follow these six steps to help your leaders grow spiritually.

Loving the unlovable.

A small group works through their past hurts together.

Making Your Group Real "Friends"

Follow these principles to help people fulfill their longing for true community.

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