Opening Gifts Isn't Just for Kids

Get everyone in your group using their gifts.

I grew up with a single mom, two sisters, a girl cousin, and an aunt. One Christmas morning, we were sitting around the tree rifling through presents. We tore a package open and showed it to the entire family. One time I opened my gift, and I pulled out … a skirt! The family exploded in laughter. Late on Christmas Eve, my mom had gotten the gifts all goofed up.

I am reminded how each of us receives different gifts. When we open them up, others can look at them and either affirm them or say, "You know what? I don't think that's yours—it's probably somebody else's."

The Bible teaches that spiritual gifts are given for the common good of the body of Christ. The Body is blessed when those gifts are opened, engaged, and exercised. But if they're never opened, they'll never be experienced. It's like walking by a Christmas tree and leaving all the packages wrapped.

As a small group host, one of your chief goals is to help your small group identify and develop their spiritual gifts. Below is an acronym (CHAMPION) to help you lead your small group in this key area:

1. CELEBRATE every member's spiritual gift. While everybody is blessed with abilities and skills, an individual understands their unique God-given gift whey they trust Christ with their lives. God uses circles of friends—the body of Christ—to affirm and help develop those particular gifts.

We need to mirror one another. Once, I told a friend I thought I had a certain spiritual gift, and I was wondering what he thought. He said, "I really don't think it's that gift. It's this gift, Brett." Soon after that encounter, another person said, "Brett, you need to be focusing ...

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