Unlock Spiritual Gifts

Unlock Spiritual Gifts

Help your group members discover and use their spiritual gifts.

Whether your theology includes 16, 23, or even more spiritual gifts, your group is missing out if you're not talking about them. This Training Tool will show you how to help your group members discover and embrace their spiritual gifts. The first two articles will give you a great foundation for talking about gifts—whatever your theology. The rest of the resource includes articles that help identify spiritual gifts, give creative ideas for using your gifts, and share how you can model using your gifts appropriately.

For a sample from this Training Tool, read "Call Out the Spiritual Gifts in Your Group Members."

Leader's Guide

Overview of Spiritual Gifts

Experiencing God's Presents
What are spiritual gifts?
By J. I. Packer

Myths About Gifts
Though spiritual gifts are greatly debated, there are a few clear truths.
By Len Woods

Discover and Use the Gifts in Your Group

Hand-Crafted Christians
Help your small-group members discover their spiritual gifts.
By Steve Grusendorf

Call Out the Spiritual Gifts in Your Group Members
Recognize your group members' gifts in both direct and indirect ways.
By Sam O'Neal

Help Group Members Discover Their Gifts
A meeting plan to guide your discussion
By Terry Powell

Put Your Spiritual Gifts to Use
Practical tips to leverage your gifts in group, at church, and in the community
By Carter Moss

Lean into Your Spiritual Gifts as a Leader
Model how to use your gifts well.
By Seth Widner

Team Leadership Can Multiply Spiritual Growth
Apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds, and teachers should all lead in your small group.
By John Wentz

Share the Load
Thirteen roles to get everyone involved
By Jay Firebaugh


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