Growing in Grace Together

A case study on Grace Community Church's small group program

Worship attendance? 6000+

Number of small groups currently meeting?
Offsite Adult Groups: 250+
Onsite Women's Groups: 50+
Jr. and Sr. High: 50+
Children: 180+ small groups
Ministry Teams: 100+

Number of people currently in small groups? (these are not mutually exclusive)
Offsite Adult Groups: 2,500+
Onsite Women's Groups: 500+
Jr. and Sr. High: 500+
Children: 1,500+
Ministry Teams: 1000+


When Grace Community Church was birthed from Faith Missionary Church in 1991, over 400 people came to the first service. In a few months, 30 small groups were launched to care for the people of Grace and provide the best environment for them grow in Christ. From the beginning, philosophically small groups were to be critical to the growth of the church body. However, practically, church leaders struggled with those who were convinced that Sunday school was the way for spiritual formation to take place. Despite this opposition one of the founding Pastors, Jim Falk, built a strong volunteer team of coaches who faithfully grew groups over time.

The Vision and Leadership Environment

Over the last 13 years, Grace has moved from philosophically a church of small groups to practically a church of small groups. In many ways I believe we've practically made this shift, because it's the environment where we can best live out our mission "to love people into a responsive and maturing relationship with Jesus Christ." Also, it's practically how we will see us move closer to our vision "to be a new community of Christ followers that reveals God and His Kingdom in the world." So today, every major life-stage area in the church shepherds people in small groups.

To support our small group leaders, all ministries are set up in a team-based approach so that ...

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