Leadership Support – Keeping it Simple

If our churches are going to be healthy, then we have got to have healthy leaders.

"Get your small groups here! Sign up for small groups here! Be a leader for small groups here!" Sometimes I think we are so good at marketing our need for leaders and our desire for people to join small groups that we forget why we have small groups to begin with. We take on an initiative to connect people to small groups, and then we breathe a sigh of relief that X amount of people are now connected. However, the success of a small group ministry is not measured by meeting our goals or quotas. The success of a small group ministry depends on its leaders and the support they receive. If our churches are going to be healthy, then we have got to have healthy leaders.

Small group leaders, whether they are seasoned vets or fresh rookies, have the same needs when it comes to leadership support. Here is a breakdown of what we have done at our church.

  • Leaders need relationships too—Keep the main thing the main thing—It's all about Relationships.
As your small group ministry grows—there is no way one person can spend the time they need with each leader. In training, prayer time, etc, the dynamic is far too difficult for a large group setting. That is why small group ministries must have someone who maintains a relational connection. That person in our structure is called a "coach." With a coach in place, each leader gets that personal touch that lets them know they are not a "number", but a person with real needs, whose voice can be heard.
  • Do some creative "coaching" in your structure.
We have about 25 small groups, and we have them divided into 5 huddles of about 5 groups each. Each huddle has an assigned couple who serves as their "coaches." Most coaches are also small group leaders. We try to have a peer-to-peer ...

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