Eliminate Barriers to Community

Eliminate Barriers to Community

Structure your groups for maximum participation.

As small-group point people, we'd love to see everyone in our churches involved in small groups. We want them to experience the life-changing power of biblical community. Unfortunately, there are often barriers to community the keep people from joining a group. But there are things we can do to help more people get connected. This resource will show you how to break down common barriers that keep people from checking out groups—and how to keep them coming back.

For a sample from this resource, read "Is My Child Welcome Here?"

Break Down Barriers

Put Away Your Sales Tactics
How to promote your groups in a way that breaks down barriers
Alan Danielson

Small Group On-Ramps
How to provide easily accessible paths to join a small group
Alan Danielson

Eliminate Concerns of Time, Location, and Childcare
How to schedule groups so that people with varying schedules can attend
Natasha Sistrunk Robinson

Three Internal Barriers to Community
How to help group members commit to small groups
Dean Deguara

Meet People Where They Are
Move your small group to a non-traditional meeting place.
Peri Gilbert

A Simple Small-Group Structure That Goes Deep
How IF: Table breaks down barriers to community
Amy Jackson

Is My Child Welcome Here?
Four ways to reach parents of children with special needs
Allen White

Including People Affected by Mental Illness
How to be a real friend to those who are struggling
Amy Simpson

Keep Them Coming

Make New Members Feel Welcome
How to make room for new people in your groups
Peri Gilbert

Four Challenges That Keep People from Coming Back
How to handle time restraints, avoidance, strange people, and unrealistic expectations
Bill Search

9 Values Your Small Group Needs to Adopt
How to be countercultural, compelling, and challenging—so people keep coming back for more
Pat Sikora

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