I Resign!

Top 10 complaints in your group leader's resignation letter.

Questions to ask When a Small Group is Sick

Ten questions to ask to help determine what's wrong with a sick small group.

Six Habits of a Healthy Small-Group Leader

Great leaders come in all shapes and sizes, but they have these practices in common.

Discussion Problems?

Try a snag-free Socratic small group session


When our small groups are sick, we have to diagnose correctly before we can make them well.

What Are they Doing?

Top 10 things your neighbors think goes on in your small group.

Designing a Training Strategy

Highly effective group leaders generally don't just walk into your office—they are developed over time.

Re-Starting Small Groups

A few suggestions to start groups that will last.

Why Make Space for Small Groups?

Discipleship is not something that we do to other people; discipleship is what we do with other believers.

Meeting Special Needs

There are several practical ways you can include people with special needs in your group.

Welcoming Children Into Community

Sunday is my son's favorite day, because he gets to worship in community.

Longing For Community

Many people accept their desire for community as just one more need that's not being met.


How Jesus avoided the, “I don’t have time for a small group” dilemma

Life in an American Underground Church

Consider a lifestyle choice about how you do ministry.

Your Calendar and the Community Life of Your Group

Community is hard to build if you always have "somewhere to be".

Redefining the Perfect Small Group

If you wait for the perfect time to hold small group, you might just not start one.

Long Distance Community

Visiting non-believing family can be difficult, but that's what community is for.

Beat the Heat

Top 10 signs your group has gone too far to beat the summer heat.

Dangerous Small Groups

Jesus said that he came to bring a sword, not a La-Z-Boy.

The Myths of Evangelism vs. Community

How small group community and mission fit together

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