What Would a Well-tracked Small Group Ministry Look Like?

Don't let people fall through the cracks of your small group ministry.

The Power of Small Group Statistics

Statistics force us to see the reality of what's occurring in our small groups program.

Small Group Management Systems: Off the Shelf

Tips for buying an "off the shelf" small group management system

Small Group Management Systems: Building Your Own

Why we built our own software, and how it works

Small-Group Leaders Know Their Group Members

When a group leader knows their members, they're better able to spur them on towards spiritual maturity.

Coaching Life-Changing Leaders

How to be an effective small group coach.

Groundbreaking Community

Faith grows in the presence of faithful people.

New Entry Doors

Small groups can serve as a powerful entrance into Christian community.

Outreach Small Groups in the Church

One of the best arenas for outreach is the small group.

If You Invite Them, They Will Come

What do you have to lose?

Seeker Small Groups

Engaging spiritual seekers in life-changing discussions

Small Groups – The New Front Door

Non-Christians can encounter God through witnessing oneness among Christians within small groups.


Humans need to experience belonging in four spheres: public, social, personal, and intimate.

The Mystery of Community

In a world ravaged by the Fall, there are three bedrock realities to cling to as we experience the varying levels of community.

The Springboard for Deeper Relationships, Not the Whole Pool!

Just as Sunday morning cannot meet all of our spiritual needs, our small groups cannot meet all of our fellowship needs.

Tap on the Shoulder

One man's simple question produces a legacy of life change.

Dying to My "Accomplished" Self

To fulfill God's purposes sometimes we have to let go of our own.

Mission Possible

Sheperding people may not be as complicated as you think.

Taking the Church to the People

The church must move from being the inviting church to becoming the invading church.

Expanding the Neighborhood through Small Groups

How do we minister to neighborhoods that are so diverse?

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