What Would a Well-tracked Small Group Ministry Look Like?

Don't let people fall through the cracks of your small group ministry.

I love orange juice and we were out, so I stopped by our local grocery store and went to the freezer unit to grab a couple cans of concentrate. I walked up to the glass door and peered in. It was gone! What, no orange juice! We have a great grocery store, and I know that if I go back today, chances are there will be a full shelf of orange juice concentrate. Why? Because I know my grocery store chain has mastered the art of keeping track of their inventory. Somewhere along the way, someone invested a huge amount of time and money to put into place a system for tracking orange juice concentrate, bread, and M&M's. When the store is about to run out, the system automatically orders whatever is getting low and that product is on its way. That night, it is restocked and the next day the shelves are full, as we American consumers have come to expect. We seldom think about it, unless, of course, the orange juice is not there. Now, people are not cans of orange juice, but if orange juice is important enough to keep track of, then surely it is as important (more important) to keep track of the people in your small groups.

What would a well-tracked small group ministry look like? To begin with, small groups would have to be "on the shelves" where people can have access to them. They would be able to read the group "label" to find out certain information, such as frequency of meetings, day of the week, childcare options, location, and an assortment of other descriptors reflecting the values of that church and group. There would have to be a way to buy in … an email, phone number or connection event. Then, once these groups are full, there would be an inventory specialist or coach to help them to grow and prepare to "restock the ...

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