Longing For Community

Many people accept their desire for community as just one more need that's not being met.

It never fails; there are always people who just insist that they do not need to be part of a small group. No matter how much cheerleading we do from the pulpit or platform, some people are simply resigned to attending church on Sunday and not risk personal involvement by going any deeper. They have heard all of the valuable reasons for getting into a small group; and they have all of their replies ready to counter and defend their resignations: I have my family to provide "pastoral care" when it is needed; my Bible study is personal; or I receive my personal study and growth through television teachers during the week;I'm just too busy with work and family to commit any other time to attending a small group, etc. Surely you have heard these and others!How can we motivate these people to involve themselves in a small group?

One tool to arouse interest in a small group is to focus on a common need for community. We all have this need but we accept the fact that is just another of our many needs not being fulfilled; either that or we simply deny it exists. From the very beginning of time humans have existed in community. However, in the past fifty years American society has managed to undo what had existed since creation. We may all deny it on the surface, but a human need exists within each of us and when we do not have it we internally long for community.

Throughout history, life has revolved around the community. Families, both immediate and extended, resided with one another or in close proximity to each other. All of life's basic necessities could be acquired within the community and what needed to be attained from outside was done so as a group (e.g. hunters). Cities and towns were built with the concept of not only having ...

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