Your Calendar and the Community Life of Your Group

Community is hard to build if you always have "somewhere to be".

"The meter is running buddy." That is what the driver said to me as I got into the taxi. I thought it ironic that he did not ask me where we were going, but simply informed me that I had better hurry. Every second seemed to become a dollar. I was in a hurry. (These days it seems all of my life is one big rush, from taking the kids to school, to doctor appointments, to work, and group and everything else.) I informed the driver of my destination, and he took off. I found my eyes fixed on the meter, wanting the driver to go faster. After all, in a taxi time really is money! I stifled my impatient impulses and gave the driver his due at the airport. I was going home, and that was well worth the cost. Home was where I would finally get some rest from a busy traveling weekend. Hurry and rushing was all that I had done. I know many of you can relate to that as well. We spend our lives rushing everywhere, but where are we going?

In our small groups, we often talk about the idea of "community." We have defined community as "love in action." 1 Peter 1:22 states, "love one another deeply, from the heart" (NIV). We understand that this kind of love is created naturally and intentionally when Home Fellowships are formed and flourish, but I have a feeling that for many of our groups, the community life is somewhat stunted. I do not think it has much to do with a leader's ability to facilitate a group, nor is it a problem with the host of a group. The issue is one of time, the lack of time in our lives and the demands of our life schedule. All of that "stuff" gets in the way of building community in groups.

It is my guess that many groups find their "talk" not matching their "walk" when it comes to community living. I think many group members ...

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