Foundations of a Small-Group Leader

Foundations of a Small-Group Leader

How to build and maintain a strong foundation for community ministry

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There is no such thing as a "prototypical small-group leader." Anyone who has spent any amount of time in community ministry understands that effective small-group leaders can be men or women, young people or old people, singles or couples. That's a good thing, but it also presents a challenge: if anyone has the potential to become a leader, how do you identify the people who are ready to take the next step? And if there is no ideal small-group leader, no standard, what can you point to as a goal when it comes to training new leaders?

One way is to focus on the duties that a group leader will need to carry out. And that's the subject of a resource called The Small-Group Leader Orientation Guide.

"Foundations of a Group Leader" focuses on the second way: the characteristics and habits of an effective small-group leader. This resource highlights the different elements that make up the foundation of a group leader's life and ministry—things like character, doctrine, decisions, growth, and more. Use it to help identify potential group leaders, and to help new and current group leaders build a solid foundation.

How to Use This Resource
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By Sam O'Neal

Note: The rest of the articles in this download were originally written by Heather Zempel for National Community Church.

What Group Leaders Are Made Of

The Character of a Group Leader
What kind of person are you when you're all alone?

The Anointing of a Group Leader
Why the Holy Spirit is vital to your ministry

The Doctrine of a Group Leader
Be sure to build your group on a solid foundation.

The Humility of a Group Leader
Here's why the best leaders strive to be nothing.

The Endurance of a Group Leader
Building a group and a ministry that lasts

What Group Leaders Do

The Prayer Life of a Group Leader
What one group leader is learning about our most important job

The Time of a Group Leader
You can't manage time, but you can manage yourself.

The Decisions of a Group Leader
Learn to seek God, seek counsel, and move with intentionality.

The Growth of a Group Leader
Several important steps to keep your arrow pointing up

The Friends of a Group Leader
Three different kinds of people you need in your life

Final Reflectlions
Heather's concluding thoughts on building a solid foundation.

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