Effectively Confront Leaders

Effectively Confront Leaders

Learn how to address issues in a healthy, biblical way.

Confrontation might be the most dreaded, disliked thing about relationships. But it's the thing that helps relationships and people grow, change, and get better. It's also inevitable. After all, two people, no matter how similar they seem, will disagree on something at some point. Great leaders face their fear of confrontation and head into it with humility and an eye on restoration.

As you lead leaders in your ministry, you'll undoubtedly run into times where confrontation is necessary. This Training Tool will give you step-by-step instructions and valuable tips for confronting tough issues with your leaders in a healthy, biblical way.

For a sample from this Training Tool, read "Resolving Small-Group Conflict."

Leader's Guide


Healthy Ministry Teams
Why vulnerability, conflict, and accountability are essential to success
By Nancy Ortberg

Steps to Biblical Confrontation

When Bad Things Happen to Good Relationships
How to handle conflict in a healthy way
By Gordon MacDonald

Resolving Small-Group Conflict
What I've learned from my mistakes
By Allen White

The Conversation You Dread
A nasty outburst led to a more constructive approach for difficult conversations.
By Denise Van Eck

Basic Steps to Confrontation
How to apply Matthew 18
By Danny Von Kanel

Tips for Successful Conflict Resolution

Confront the Heart Rather than the Behavior
Start with a relational foundation and address the underlying issues.
By Brandon Hudson

Confronting Defensive People
Seven steps to better conversations with tough talkers
By Jim Van Yperen

When a Leader in Conflict Asks for Help
Before jumping in, answer these questions.
By Rick Lowry

Three Reasons Not to Confront by E-mail
Douse flames face to face.
By Angie Ward


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