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Give Your Servant's Heart a Workout
Delegate leadership responsibilities and serve together to build group unity.
Escaping the Pigeon Hole
Move your church to being a church of small groups.
Christmas List
Top 10 unusual things on your leader's Christmas list
Four Secrets of Great Team-Based Leadership
When the lead team is committed to the cause, has great community, and believes they will change the world—amazing things can happen.
Who's the "Norm" of Your Group?
What values does your group embrace?
Leadership Team Building
In order to have an effective leadership team, you must maintain unity within the group.
Group Champions
A way to slice the leadership pie, based on Acts 2.
Husband and Wife Small-Group Leadership Teams
By using your different areas of giftedness, couples leadership can be an incredible and effective ministry.
From Soloist to Choir
Getting more people involved in leadership gives greater ownership.
Sticking It Out
Even if your group doesn't seem a good fit right now, God may have big plans for it.
Healthy Members, Healthy Group
A simple assessment tool for gauging how healthy group members are.
Three Ways To Get Small Groups Going
Learn how to lead in a way that sets your small groups up for success.
Stretch Your Faith Through Service
Encourage people in your group to take on some responsibility or task.
Locked Out
Top 10 reasons your group is locked out of the host home
Training Disciples
Balancing knowledge gained with lives changes
Emails from the Apostle Paul
An innovative way to spur your congregation towards evangelism
Launching Community
Before you start a small-group ministry make sure you believe in it.
Making Room at Your Tables
Encouraging people to start new small groups is a key to getting everyone connected.
Learning to Trust
Being faithful to God is important, even when it's not easy.
Front Porch Community
People need to belong in a number of different ways.
Displaying 1 – 20 of 106 Matches
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