Divide, Connect and Grow

Dividing large groups into smaller ones for discussion and prayer can enliven the entire group.

Give Visitors a Reason to Join

Be aware of the things that keep visitors from returning.

Small-Scale Evangelism

Sharing your faith in Christ might not be as difficult as you think.

The Authentic And Patient Leader

Focusing on a couple qualities can make you a better leader.

The Prepared and Prayerful Leader

How the right approach to your sessions can make your meetings more meaningful.

You Are Not Alone

How help from God and group members takes the worry out of leading.

Be A Champion To Remember

Being a champion isn't too hard, but it makes a big difference.

Developing People

The most important thing you do as a leader is develop other people.

The Five "Ms" Every Leader Should Know

How to shepherd your flock.

Small-Group Leader, the Anti-Hero

No one should have to sacrifice themselves for the success of the group.

Great Youth Small-Group Leaders

Are Small-Group Leaders born that way, or coached that way?

Leaders as Spiritual Coaches

All leaders ultimately need to serve as spiritual coaches for whatever group of people they are leading.

The Expendable Leader

You can double your contribution by taking steps to assure that the work you are doing continues after your service ends.

Build Community Through Communion

Bring depth to a small group by participating in Communion together.

The Secret to Sharing Your Story

Telling your story is a great way to engage seekers and other Christians.

Life Support

The story of a group that cared for a couple in their small group during the wife's illness.

7 Tips To Modeling Prayer For Your Group

How to make prayer a central part of small groups.

Christ Fellowship "Huddles Up" and Watches Their Small Groups Explode

How the 40 days of purpose led to an explosion of small groups at one church.

A Church Craving Community Catches Small Group Fever

The story of a church who found the first thing they needed to do with small groups was to offer them.

Evangelism Explosion

Challenging people to host small groups can turn into an evagelistic opportunity.

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