Leaders as Spiritual Coaches

All leaders ultimately need to serve as spiritual coaches for whatever group of people they are leading.

In many churches today, the role of leaders is changing from people who lead so tasks get done to that of leaders serving as spiritual coaches. All leaders, whether staff or lay, ultimately need to serve as spiritual coaches for whatever group of people they are leading. Whether it is a small group leader, mission team leader, or finance team leader, leaders are called to coach people on their teams in order to help them live spiritually healthy lives and live out their passion and gifts in service to the world. Ultimately, if leaders help people grow spiritually and live out their calling, that should be all they have to do…that is what is most important in our walk with Christ.

In his book Coaching Change, Tom Bandy states that "There are many books available about coaching written by enormously successful coaches. These are coaches who have won national sports championships and who are now applying the same principles and tactics to everything from business to religion. Many of their principles and strategies are helpful. Unfortunately, they are all oriented toward "winning." They help clients (businesses or churches) compete to become the best in the community, country, or world by raising the most money or attracting the most people…However, coaching is not really about winning. It is about growing."

Coaching is about growing! In my recent workbook, Church as Wellness Center: Strengthening and Sending Fit Christians into the World, I talk about growth toward wellness. Jesus said, "I came so that you may have life and have it more abundantly." (John 10:10) I believe that in order to do that, we must grow in wellness in all aspects of our life. Spiritual coaches are needed to guide us on that path of spiritual ...

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