From Seeker to Believer

God can use a group's ability to be open to new people.

Hit the Ground Running!

Follow these ground rules to get your small group off to a great start.

Honor Your Leaders

Showing your small-group leaders how important they are is essential to keeping them going.

Identifying Your Shape to Serve

An inventory to help assess each person's gifts.

Mentor Your Coaches

Focus on relationship, growth, and development with your coaches.

Pushing Through Fear

Rely on your call to leadership when you fear how things will go.

Relationships That Last

Good relationships begin by someone being welcoming.

Small Groups Built to Last

A few changes in the approach to small-group ministry can make a big difference.

Discovering Community

How God solidified and expanded one church's vision for small groups.

The Life Transformation Group

The most basic job description of a Small-Group Leader is: talk, listen, repeat.

Small-Group Leader's Role in the Group Member's Spiritual Growth

Small-Group Leaders are in the most strategic position in the church to effect real, lasting life change and spiritual growth.

The Small-Group Leader as a FRIEND

The role of a Small-Group Leader can be summed up by one word: friend.

Ask Yourself

Ten growth questions leaders need to be asking themselves.

"Scratching" Where Your Group is Itching

If you're wondering where to lead your group next, find out what they're hungry for.

Small Group Lessons Based On The Pastor's Sunday Sermon

One way to relieve tension and provide quality control is to give the Small-Group Leader a well-designed lesson based on the pastor’s sermon.


Return vitality to small groups through “open” discussions.

Developing Children's Small Group Curriculum

Some tips for developing a curriculum for children that will help them grow spiritually.

Connecting the Unconnected

Strategies for moving people into groups.

Stop the Drift!

Don’t drift away from the mission of creating disciples.

Is Your Small Group Stuck?

Move beyond relationship to discipleship.

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