From Seeker to Believer

God can use a group's ability to be open to new people.

I'm really glad that our hosts were bold enough to take this step forward and open their home for the small group study. My cousin has just moved to town with her fiancée. I had asked my cousin if she and her fiancé would like to join the small group that my husband and I were going to be in, and they agreed. Then I had to ask our hosts if it would be okay that I had invited two more people into their home. Our hosts immediately replied, "Of course. We will not be turning anyone away." That night he dedicated his life to Jesus for the first time. I was so excited because this was my cousin's fiancé. I could hardly sleep that night, and I have had a feeling of overwhelming joy in my heart since then.

Leadership Lesson: Always keep the open chair policy with your group … you never know who God has planned to join you.

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