Small Group Lessons Based On The Pastor's Sunday Sermon

One way to relieve tension and provide quality control is to give the Small-Group Leader a well-designed lesson based on the pastor’s sermon.


Return vitality to small groups through “open” discussions.

Developing Children's Small Group Curriculum

Some tips for developing a curriculum for children that will help them grow spiritually.

Sermon Titles

Top 10 rejected sermon titles used by Small Group Pastors when their Senior Pastor is on vacation!

Connecting the Unconnected

Strategies for moving people into groups.

Stop the Drift!

Don’t drift away from the mission of creating disciples.

Is Your Small Group Stuck?

Move beyond relationship to discipleship.

A Model for Renewal

Four phases to introduce small group ministry in a declining church.

The Coach's Role in Breaking Growth Barriers

Multiplication can be a barrier to overcome, but there are steps that will help you break through.

A "Faith-Oriented" Leader

Values, goals, and feedback drive great leaders and great groups.

Barrier-Breaking Small-Group Leaders "Go First!"

If you want to take your group to higher levels of growth, maturity, and mission—you have to go there first.

Meeting Places

Top 10 worst suggestions for meeting places.

His Church is Really at Work!

For many people, he workplace is their largest sphere of influence, and their greatest opportunity for evangelism.

The Workplace Small Group Movement

A Conversation with Stephen R. Graves

Face to Face Community Groups

Our hope was to get out into the world with the good news of Jesus.

A Taste of the Coffee Shop Church

Our solution to reaching the 20-something age group.

Saving Conversations: What a Seeker Looks For

Are you ready for a lifesaving conversation? Your friend could be ready, and it could be now or never.

Evening News

Top 10 reasons your Small-Group Leader is being interviewed on the evening news

The "Us Four and No More!" Syndrome

Can your group remain closed indefinitely?

Open Or Closed? What Really Matters

We ensure that each member is discipled and equipped so that they can one day lead their own small group.

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