Compel or Expel?

The objective of meeting the needs of individuals will determine whether your group should be open or closed.

How to Keep a Small Group Evangelistically Open

There is something unhealthy about cell groups that don't practice evangelism.

Thinking Outside the Group

Consider ways to intentionally lead an open small group.

How Long Should Small Groups Meet?

What to consider when launching a group.

From Ordinary to Great

Just because people are hesitant doesn't mean they're not ready to be small-group leaders.

Sesame Street

Top 10 ways your group would be different if it met on Sesame Street!

Student-Led Small Groups

Is your model or philosophy of youth ministry structured to care for the wounded souls of today's youth?

Student Small Groups at the Core

The kingdom of God is about relationships.

Five Fundamentals of Student Small Group Discipleship

There is a big difference between "just another Bible study," and real, biblical, discipleship.

Feed My Lambs

Every week, I feed a group of hungry teenagers dinner, and I also show them God's love.

Childcare or Small Groups?

If parents were expected to come, there would also be children. How were we to get over this hurdle?

Reality TV

Top 10 reasons your group should be on a reality TV show.

The Small-Group Leader as Spiritual Guide

There are several ways you can serve as a spiritual guide to those in your small group.

Taking Spiritual Responsibility

A Small-Group Leader must see his or her duty as far more than merely leading a meeting that occurs in someone’s living room during the week.

Wearing the Spiritual Director's Hat

As a leader, the role of spiritual director is one you must have and refine.

Spiritual Direction

Implement the accountability factor in your group.

Maintaining Spiritual Focus

Are you leading to a place you have been?

Apostolic Icebreakers

Top 10 icebreakers the disciples would use at their small group meetings.

Marriage-Friendly Small Groups

Several tips to help your small group towards the goal of strengthening marriages and families.

Intergenerational Small Groups Mobilize Families

In an intergenerational setting, people of all ages can get the support and mentoring that they need.

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